Big Things Are Coming!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Today I am excited to tell you my new schedule for my blog and Youtube! Are you ready for this....EVERYDAY!!! Well Monday through Friday! June is going to be a great month of new content, fun post that will give you great ideas, and so much more. I've been thinking about this for a while now and I can't wait to share all my new posts with you!

Everyday has a theme, a blog post and possibly a new video to go with it! Monday is Haute Off The Press Mondays! A nod to my old blog name, on this day I will show you everything I've been loving from fashion to makeup and maybe even some music here and there! I will also inform you if there are any good sales going on because who doesn't love a good sale right!

Tuesday is Beauty Tuesdays! As in the name, I'm going post anything beauty related! On this day I hope to have tutorials or reviews up on my YouTube channel but you can always check in here for the video too!! Plus I will link all the products I'm using and more information about them.

What To Wear Wednesdays is next!!!! There are so many events coming up from family BBQ's to concerts to weddings and I'm here to tell you what to wear! So, if you have similar style to me you'll love this series!! All outfits will be affordable with splurges here and there!

Hair and Now Thursdays! All on how I style my curly hair! I haven't done many hair tutorials and I want to get more into them because online is where I learned how to style my curly hair! Having curly is like having a second job!!! It's really tough, annoying, crushing but it can also be very rewarding, fun, and different!

Finally, on Friday I'm going to post a podcast!!!!! Life According to Lizz! You can find my first 2 on iTunes by searching my name! I love to talk so this is like having my own little talk show! I hope I can get some of my friends on it too one day! Topics will vary from overviews of my post from the week to new topics!

I'm so excited about this series and I hope it's the start of something amazing for my blog!!! I'm trying so hard get more content out there for you so write below what you want to see or what you can't wait to see!!!

Lots of Love,
xo, Lizz