Summer Dress Trends

Monday, May 15, 2017

 I don't know about you dolls but I am so ready for summer!!!!! The weather here has been less than desirable but that isn't going to bring me down! I'm teaming up with Tobi to bring you my favorite summer dress styles! I'm always wearing dresses for the summer since I can't wear shorts to work and well...I just really love dresses! 

The first rose pink dress is one of my faves! I love wearing flowy dresses that aren't too fitting to hide my hips. I have bigger hips and although I love my body sometimes my hips can overtake it. One of my favorite summer trends is the bell sleeve! This dress has all my favorite!!!  

The second dress is perfect for parties, going out with friends, and a date during the daytime! I love anything off the shoulder and it's a big trend for summer 2017! I have seen nothing but off the shoulder tops, dresses, rompers, everything! I also love this dress because you can also wear jeans or leggings with it. It's a little on the shorter side if you are over 5'9'' like me. But nothing like a nude pair of biker shorts or spanx of help with that problem! 

Lastly, we have the wrap dress! I'm in love with this print so much! They have a matching set in this too and I'm totally obsessed with it! This dress is once again perfect for all summer occasions! The material of this dress is very luxurious too! Like I would feel comfortable not wearing a slip and just nude undergarments. But yes! Once again obsessed with this print! 

I'm so happy to be putting up more fashion post again! It's been a long time since I have. I almost forgot how much I love doing this! My blogaversity is coming up in July and can you believe it will be 7 years!!!!! I started in 2010 on a different blog called Style It In Heels! I changed blogs because I didn't wear heels a lot and I felt weird having the name after that haha! I don't know why I didn't just change the name of it...I completely switch over blogs....I'm so indecisive...anyway! Let me know what your favorite dress style is for summer!!! 

Lots of Love
xo, Lizz