Kylie Lip Kit Mini Mattes Review!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello loves,

          If you have been following me for a while then you would know how much I love the Kardashian/Jenners. I love their style, makeup, and how confident they are. The youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, has come out with her own line of makeup. First she just sold liquid matte lipsticks and now it has expanded to eyeshadows, eyeliner, cream shadows, metallic liquid lipsticks and glosses! It is growing so fast and selling out even faster! 
         During the first stock of her birthday collection I wasn't so successful in getting anything. I was on the website for so long before it opened and still didn't get anything!!!! About a week later she had a restock! I wasn't expecting anything especially what had happened the first time. But I tried anyway because I knew I wanted the mini mattes!!! My fairy godmother must have been on my shoulders because I got the mini mattes! I was so happy since the only color I had was Poise K (picture below! I also included that one since it was the only other color I had). I really loved how Poise K looked on me and was excited to see how the others would too. Since I was so skeptical about the other colors, constantly going on Instagram to see what the colors would look like on me, I bowed out and just never gave in to buy a new color. I knew I would like Poise K because I love pink lipsticks. It was the brown colors that I was worried about the most. Turns out I LOVE the brown colors on me!!!! I couldn't tell you which is my favorite because I love them all!
         If you are worried that they are so small DONT! They provide alot of applications! I've already used Dolce K about 7 or 8 times and I still have alot! I will keep you updated! Other than that this stay on for a while! I did notice when wearing Dolce K out with my friends this weekend that it started to peal away a little but I didn't didn't apply lipliner so I wonder if it would make a difference? I was talking ton, eating and drinking, and sweating so alot of going on because of that. I wiped away what I could with a tissue (don't wet it because it wont come off!) and reapplied it about 3 times during the night. Not a total problem I just don't want to be embarrassed with half my lipstick on!

{TIP} Having trouble taking off your liquid lipsticks?? Use coconut oil to take it off!!!!
Lots of Love
xo, Lizz

First off, Kristen (my Mom's name is Kristin with an I), Loved this because I felt like it has a brown undertone. It's a bright red but it's toned down in a way. More natural than Mary Jo K and more toned down than 22. I would wear more of a brown smokey eye with this liquid lip. 

         My first Kylie Lip Kit! I love this color because it's not so much "in your face" pink. It's a nice neutral pink that goes well with a lot of different makeup looks.

(Candy K)
               This pinky nude is great with smokey makeup. I thought I wasn't going to like this because I'm not used to nude colors for lips but it's a great everyday color that I know I was be using up right away!!!!

(I believe this is Exposed over something)
        Okay, so I believe this is exposed but I know I blended this color with another one from MAC! But this color is pretty accurate! I didn't think I was going to like this after I swatched it because it was more on the orange side. But I think it's more of an orange nude color once it dries. Like this but the makeup needs to be natural. Nothing too crazy because I'm afraid it will look too overdone. 

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(Leo {limited edition you can still buy it HERE!})
          Leo, oh Leo.....When I tried it on in the video it was so patchy!!! Lighter in one area, darker in the other. I hated it! I loved the color but the formula I thought was horrible! Well, I tried it again because it deserved a second chance and I ended up liking it. You need to apply it a few times and try to make the applications as smooth as possible to get an even tone. 

           Ahhh....Dolce Dolce Dolce! I'm obsessed with this color! Get color for day and at night when going out with friends! I got so many compliments from wearing this color! I was worried at first because I'm not used to brown colors like this. It's so 90s! But once I tried it on I was so happy!!! Goes great with a lot of makeup looks tooo!!!

            Koko K is a nude pink. My friend Erica has this one and she is loves with it! I love this one too because I think it looks really great with green eyes! Actually it would look good with any colored eyes! Great light pink color!!