It All Started With A Pair Of Heels...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Well, it's about that time...the time being the first ever blog post I posted on the internet. Today, July 3rd marks the first day I posted my first blog. I know I've changed names about 10 million times and I know I don't have the most following ever but I'm proud to call myself a blogger. I wish I was dedicated to it more and I'm working on it. I really am! Sometimes I get discouraged because I've been blogging for 5 years and don't have much of a following but then I remember why I started. I wanted to give girls (and guys if there are some reading) my advice on life! From beauty to fashion to  fitness to love and more!
Some much good has come out of this blog even if it hasn't gone to far! It's been through the rough times, the good times, the sad times, and the happy. But I'm not the awkward 16 year old you use to know! Ok, I'm still awkward...some things never change. But I have grown up a lot! You've seen my awkward high school years, prom, pageants, graduation, first days of college, hair colors (brown to blonde!, see me throw the years saying how much I want to do acting and modeling and I'm finally achieving my dreams! If there's one thing that hasn't changed are my dreams. I know I've always wanted to be an actress/model/fashion designer and one day that is exactly what I'll be. All you need to do is stay focused. Sometimes little things get in the way but you just need to brush them off and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day (is that how the saying goes haha).
I hope when you read my blog that you see a friend, someone you've known for years and keep up with through the blog. New things are to come always. I hope you follow along :) I know I'm not perfect but I'm having fun! And that's all that matters.

2015 Lizz - 2010 Lizz

Thank you loves,
You mean the world to me!