The end of an era...The Clique Books.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

     After years and years of reading The Clique books I have finally finished the whole series! Now your probably wondering...Lizz your 20 and going to be a junior in college...why are you just finishing this now?! Well, good question! I started reading the series my freshmen year of high school (I believe...It might had been 8th or 7th grade...? I honestly forget) The last book came out Feb. 2011 and I started reading it I think not until 2012 which was my senior year of high school. I would read sections of it everyday until I got to the middle of the book. I didn't want the series to end so I put off reading it until the summer of my freshman year of college was over. I read some more and stopped again at a good place. It wasn't until tonight that I had the courage of reading the last couple of chapters of the series and finish what I started as a worried freshman that didn't know what was going to happen in her high school years.
          These books weren't just a book. They taught me so much. About friendship, fashion, different situations I'd be put in during school. Everything I almost needed to know were in these books. I looked up to Massie so much as a kid. So much I wanted to be her. But I was too nice of a person to insult people and act meaner towards them (I was more of a Claire wanting to be like Massie). But that wasn't just what Massie did. I admired her confidence even though she wasn't totally confident all the time. I admired her fashion sense and how she'd help her friends. I wanted to be that Massie. Someone people looked up to and saw as a someone who was cool and not dorky and shy. People would tease me about not swearing as a high schooler and middle schooler (which I didn't see as much as a problem as the people who pointed it out). There was one person who always seemed to want to bring me down but I didn't let them get to me because that was what Massie did. She would keep her cool until she got home and then talked about it with Bean. She wouldn't let people get to her and same with Cuh-laire! I admired both of them for that and brought it in myself to do the same.
        The books showed me a whole new world and how nothing really changes once you leave high school and go into college. I'm sure the same goes for college into the real world as well. Lisi did base these books on when she worked at MTV!
         It may sound silly but the Clique books really helped me through my teenage years. I don't care if people make fun of me for saying this or make fun of me saying that I wanted to be just like Massie Block and have BFF's just like her's because I know inside they wanted the same. It was addicting. Everyone wanted to be Massie and her Pretty Committee at some point in their lives and if you don't say yes then you are lying! I made a Polyvore with outfits for events that the PC would wear whether it was an OCD dance or meeting a celebrity on Mrs. Marvil's TV show! I would spend HOURS on that website blah-ging about what the girls were doing trying to keep the PC alive still. It showed me how much I love fashion and styling people which continued to my life today! Going to school for fashion design and styling for my school's magazine! Those little details of what the girls were wearing that Lisi included made more of an impact then she probably thought. I learned about designer clothes and their significance to the world. How important designer everything was to some people and how department store buys were other people.
        I just finished reading the last book and I couldn't help but cry. It really is an end of an era. The Pretty Committee will forever be in our hearts and inspire us in every way to be who we truly are. I want to thank my best friends for putting up with me/going along with me in telling them they were either Alicia, Kristen, Dylan or Cuh-laire. For my ah-mazing mother for also putting up with me through my teenage years. To my new best friends at college for reminding me that good things are to come. To the people who made the Pretty Committee alive and making a movie of the first Clique books...thank you!!! I've watched the movie at least 40 times and I kid you nawt! Wish you made it into a series...And to Lisi Harrison for helping me get through my challenging teenage years and creating a place I could run away to when things got tough! I will always frequent your blah-g for new adventures (every wednesday!)! I remember when you would put up little spoilers of chapters and I would be counting down the days for the books to go on shelves! Thank you for making reading fun for me! As someone who can't pick up just any book and read it through (I swear I have ADD...) you really made reading fun for me and inspired me to start writing myself! After 20 books and over 6 years of reading I can finally say I have some closure. I know designer clothes aren't everything in the world. I know being popular isn't everything you need to be in the world. And the Clique books have shown me that. I accept myself for who I am and who I'm becoming in the world. It's ok to like designer clothes even though you can't afford them and it's ok to look up to the popular girls who are nicer and learn lessons from the ones who aren't so nice.
           Saying goodbye to fictional friends was hard but I'm happy with the ending. Even if I didn't want it to end. I hope to see Massie over in London next semester! *wink wink*

"No matter where they were, who they were with, or what they were doing, all they'd have to do was look up and there it would be." -A Tale of Two Pretties : The Clique : Lisi Harrison

Lots of Love,

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