Haute Off The Press!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

           There comes a time when we need to stop, take a moment, breath and think about what we are doing. For me this was blogging. Unfortunately I wasn't on top of renewing my other url (elizzabethhope.com) so now I'd like to present my new url! Welcome to Haute Off The Press! (Haute like Haute Couture! Yey Fashion!)

           I know I've changed my URL more than enough times. But change can be good! I'm not one for settling for something too long. I switch things up all the time...it's probably ADD or something unknown. But I'm going to stick with this one for a very LONG time! Believe me!

          So what have you been up to you say? Well, I have been trying to find a job, catch up on sleep (because we all know college screws up my sleep like no other!), finding inspiration for my line of clothes I'm designing, hanging out with my family and friends before I go off to London in the fall!, and trying to figure out everything with my blog!!! Now that I'm finally getting my life together again and figured out what I should name my blog I can finally get back on track!

Here's some work I've done in school/my life since I've last posted!

Made a jacket! My own design, made the pattern, sewed it all together myself!

Illustrations for my finals!!

Went kayaking for the first time with Tay!!

Saw Iggy in concert!!!

Went to a Red Sox game!

Met Tyler Hilton from One Tree Hill!!! (For all you fans out there! I've only watched like 2 episodes...I need to start watching it...my best friend Katie is obsessed!)

More illustraions for finals!

and got blond...er a lot blonder!!! 

That's what I have been doing! But don't let this fool you! I've been on my sofa for days watching the whole series of That 70s Show! I'm on Season 6! It's been 2 weeks...So, what have you've been up to?! Let me now in the comments below!!!

Lots of Love,


  1. Hi i'm your new follower on GFF, nice to meet you....your blog is very great......very nice photo :)
    if you want visit my blog and follow me :) thank you VALENTINACLOTHEDANEW

  2. That jacket is beautiful and I love that you were watching Pocahontas!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. your illustrations are amazing!!!! love them.

  4. Nice pictures! I like your new hair color, very nice!



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