New Year Resolutions!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Every year I try to make New Year Resolutions but always tend to forget about them...this year I'm going to make more and hopefully stick to it! It's something to keep me going and inspire me for the new year!

1. SEW MORE!!! I'm a fashion design major and sewing is a ovs a huge part in my major - Sewwww (see what I did there! Soooo Sewwww! fashion jokes!) I want to keep on sewing and make myself clothes!

2. Wear colored lipstick more often. As in reds, plums, purples (I know purple? Huh! I have some pretty purples!), and so on!

3. Get my hips to a 36! I need to get my hips down to a 36 so I can model again! I also want to lose a few pounds. College is taking it's toll on snacking at my worst!

4. Find my style! I have so many different types of styles I can never choose. But I'm hoping to finally find my own style and buy new clothes!

5. Work on my shoe collection and wear them!! I really want to start wearing heels more often! I also want to buy more shoes/heels to expand my collection because I'm crazy! We all knew that...

6. Finish the Divergent book by March! I'm reading the book Divergent and the movie comes out in March! I'm such a slow reader but I really want to finish the book before the movie comes out!

7. Work on my blog!!! Keep blogging and DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME ALL YEAR!!! I just saw that I've changed the name of my blog 3 times this year....I went from Girl Meets Fashion to Life According To Lizz to The Uptown Girl....soooo....we are staying Uptown Girl for now on!!!

8. Be more positive. Some people think of my as a judgmental person which is TOTALLY NOT TRUE! I don't know why they think that and it's made me very upset about myself. Staying positive has helped me get through really hard times this year.

9. Be organized! I want to start being more organized in my life because everythings always a mess!

10. happy

Lots of Love,


  1. I love your resolutions! I would love for you to check out mine on my blog! :)


  2. love your resolutions! you got 3 of mine hahaha! :)

  3. Great resolutions!

    I'm definitely with you on the Divergent book - I read the series back in November and I loved it, can't wait for the movie!
    Wee Bit of Rachel


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