Tips of setting goals and keeping them!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Setting goals is easier said then done! But here are my tips on achieving your goals! My goal right now is getting my hips down to 36 inches so I can go to New York to model! Crazy I know but i'm crazy so it makes sense :P

1. Goal board!! I recently made a goal board on my wall in my bedroom. Right next to my door so whenever I leave I can see it and get motivated!

2. Watch videos of what your goals are! My recent goal is becoming a model and losing 5 inches off my hips. I've been non-stop watching model videos of interviews from backstage of Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, and so many more! I've got to see what they do backstage and it's really encouraging me to stay to my goals!!!!

3. Focus on what matters! What does this goal mean to you and why do you want to do it!

4. Set a timeline for this goal if needed. I'm trying to get my hips down to a 36 by the first week in April!

5. Do something everyday to achieve this goal! For me I've been eating heathy and working out! Trying to get to the gym every day for at least a 30 mins on the treadmill!

6. Visualize everyday what the outcome of this goal will be!!! For me it's becoming a top model and going to New York, London, Paris, and Milan for runway shows and to do amazing beautiful editorials for major magazines!

7. It's good to have long time goals but also have short time goals!! Don't forget to reward yourself for them! I'm not allowing myself to buy anything major till I start shedding the hip weight! When I get to a 38 I'm buying myself a new pair of heels...I'm obsessed with shoes...

8. TAKE ACTION! Go out and achieve your goals now!!! Make a plan and go!!! Gogogogogo!!! Woo!

So don't forget to be a goal digger ;) Do it!

Best wishes!!!!
Lots of Love,


  1. This is so inspiring! My goal is to be a fashion editor at Seventeen magazine so I create my own fashion blog. Do you have any tips for making my blog a success? Also, I think that it is awesome that you want to be a model. I think that you can do it because you are super passionate and determined to turn your goal into a reality!



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