DIY Halloween Costumes! Pinata and Kate Middleton!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Oh Halloween, my favorite time of the year! The one day that everyone can get dressed up and not be judged on the way they look. Unless you want to dress up as up like a hooker cat girl or a super many super heros...and minions!! But the minions where funny because theirs so many of them already!!! You may or may not get a couple of looks CATION!
                 For the first night of Halloween (a.k.a. the dance) I was a pinata! I found it on Pinterest last year and I was dying to try it out. I didn't know what exactly to be so I choose this. So I went to the party store, got some streamers, went to Forever 21 to buy a tank top and shorts and BAM! -well we are almost there to the pinata part- 
                 First, you need some fabric glue from the store and scissors to fringe out the streamers to get that pinata look!! I took strips, cut them - glued them on, one by one and soon enough I had a pinata outfit! It only took from 7:30pm to 12am to finish! But I also got distracted by people and what not...dorm life *insert peace signs here*. Here's the finish look! I added a "tail" with this half tutu I found. Also a party hat and put streamers on it! 

        For my Halloween Night look I was the Kate Middleton! Accent, baby, and all!!!! I loved it! Really easy to do as well. I took Kate's iconic blue dress, put some pearls on, carried baby George around with me all night complaining that William left me alone all night. It was pretty funny I do have to say. Oh, and don't forget the crown! 

So whether your getting "hit on" as a pinata or keeping it calm and carrying on as Kate Middleton never forget to keep your imagination open to new ideas. Yes, classics are classic but this is the new age! Get creative and go out on a lim to do something different! I'm thinking for Saturday night I'm going to be Audrey Hepburn in the rain scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's! Yelling CAT!! Where are you cat! all night! 

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What were you for Halloween this year?! Leave me comments below! I want to hear your ideas!!!

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  1. Baby George is definitely the best accessory by far!

    Stop by :)

  2. too pretty for words.

  3. cute tees!

  4. Just LOVVVVE both of your outfits!!! The Kate with the babe just made me LAUGH!! ANd your rainbow pinata is as CUTE AS CAN BEEEE!!! we were teen wolf!! VERY HAIRY! hahaha
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

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  6. Ahahahah I love the kate dress!

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    1. I'd love to follow each other!!!!
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  7. You're so incredibly cute! :) And I like the costume ideas.

    'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

  8. Looking super good, nice costumes !!

  9. hello hun..cute outfit... wanna follow each other? just tell me if u follow me, then i'll follow u back immediatley.



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