New York Minute!!! - My trip to the BIG APPLE!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello Everyone!!

        So last week I went to New York City! The Big Apple!!! The Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made!!! I love New York so much! I was so happy to get away for a few days to go. I went there to go to Mood fabrics to pick up Wool fabric for one of my classes for next year and I saw so much more! I got to go to Good Morning America and see the outside set! I was on TV btdubbs!!! Tots amazing!!! My 5 seconds of FAME!
       When I was there I saw the cast of Teen Beach Movie, Stacy Keibler, and Court Yard Hounds aka the sisters of the Dixie Chicks!!! So amazing!!! Here's the video footage and some pictures from New York!! I'm going to write a review of Dream Dry soon as well!!! I loved it and I want to tell you about my experience while there!!

Thank you dolls so much for reading and I'll write back soon!!! Hope your day is amazing!!

Lots of Love,

Road to the Runway!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

           So I feel that I do give out a great deal of information on my "real" life. But this is something I just got to share with you dolls! I'm very big on getting inspiration. It's what keeps me going in life. I need to find inspiration to keep going! One thing I'm very passionate about is fashion. As you may or may not know I'm a fashion design major and I'm always looking for connections. I modeled in the 9th grade till the beginning of 11th. I had to stop due to my hips being to big...I gained a significant amount of weight so little that I was on the verge of not getting jobs for modeling. I had a 40 or 39 wide hip when they were only accept 37 to 34 or less...Being a teen at that age I got really upset at myself. I didn't just not want to stop! I loved to model! It's something I want to keep going to see how far I can make it! But as a rebellious teen I just continued to eat rather then follow my dreams...I was never overweight. But I did gain about 15 extra pounds I didn't need. I did a pageant went on a workout and nutrition plan and got back into shape! It was great!!! Until the pageant was over and I didn't place at all...devastation began and I didn't want anything to do with life...little did I know it was just the beginning!
         This week I've decided I want to go back to modeling. It's time to take my life in my own hands. Go after my dream! What is it you ask? Well one day I wish to be a Victoria Secret Model! But for right now I want to walk the runway for a major fashion designer!!! Especially Chanel, DSquared2, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Marchesa, Louis Vuitton! The list goes on and on!!
               Now... to get to the runway I need to do a few things first!

1. Get fit and heathy!!!! Saying goodbye to sweets for a while and saying Hello to Miss Katie Boyd of The Miss Fit Club! She was my trainer for Miss Ma Teen and now she's going to be my trainer once again! I'm going to be talking to her tuesday to work out my nutrition and workout plan! She works wonders! While I did the pageant I lost alot of inches off my hips and got down to 38! 1 inch off! I want to get down to 36! That's my newest goal before I can go to any casting agents!
2. Working my look! Practice makes perfect! So posing in the mirror and walking in heels are a must. That also means finding a hair color that works best because frankly I want to die my hair all different kinds of colors!!! haha! And making sure my face is free of zit!!!
3. Once I'm ready and set go out to modeling agencies I'll take it from there!!!

For more on my Road to the Runway check back with my everyday!!! I'm going to keeping a diary blog of my travels!! Also my Pinterest Board (HERE) for inspiration!!! Instagram! Twitter! All under the name @ElizzabethHope

Here are some old modeling photos from back in the day!

My hair was so short!!!! Oh gawd!! 

Lots of Love, 


DIY : Body Wrap (Budget friendly!)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

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         This week I've been trying so hard to be on a heath kick and try to get my body back into shape. I'm going to be starting back with my workouts, healthy eating and something new, yoga! Personally I really want to get back in shape so I can model again. It's so important to make connections in the fashion industry and with working with designers side by side while modeling I'll get an instant in. So when I'm out of college and looking for a job to start out I can work with them, hopefully!

I was looking through Pinterest the other day I came across a pin called body wraps. I know from watching Red Carpet reports that celebrities do body wraps before premiers to get rid of excess body weight/water. I figured I try it out! 

This was very wallet friendly and I had everything in my house already! 

Things you need...
-lotion (it's said to use one with ingredient from the ocean. So things like kelp, seaweed is a big one, and mud) I used one from The Body Shop! I love their products because they are paraben free! All natural! So your taking away bad toxins in your body and still are by using an all natural lotion.
-Plastic Wrap
-Ace Bandages 

Step 1!
Gently rub lotion on your "problem area". Today's target...the stomach. Don't rub it in all the way!!! 

Step 2! 
Wrap the plastic wrap around your body. Don't wrap it tight!!! You wont be able to breath if you do that!

Step 3!
Wrap the ace bandage around your body. You want to make sure you wrap it tight enough for it to stay but loose enough to breath!!!! 

Alright! Now your ready to go to sleep!! In the morning unwrap yourself and see the results!!! You have to remember that your body nautally releases unwanted gasses from your body when your asleep so that helps as well!

Here are my results! I did it two days in a row to see if it made a difference! 

As you can see day 2 I gained back the weight but lose even more. It's not going to help you drop weight like flies but it if you have an event or going to the beach and want to look good for the summer without having to workout (the lazy way!) I'd definitely suggest trying it out!!! If you do let me know! Tweet at me! @ElizzabethHope  

Lots of Love,