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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hello Everyone!!! Sorry for not posting for a few days. Honestly, I've been in such a slump these days...my life isn't very exciting, I miss my friends from school, and I just want my life to be more exciting and to look forward to things! The only thing I look forward to is going to work...and they are only giving me two days of work a week...so not only do I have nothing to do but I'm also broke. It's making me sad that I can't really do anything. I'm the type of person who loves to do things. Probably to many things at once. Hence the blogging, youtube, twitter, candy crush, sewing, reading, working, babysitting, trying to hang out with my friends from home and many more. But I do have times were I get into slumps and get so tired I don't want to do anything...so here's some tips that have helped me get out of these slumps!

1. Get into a room by yourself, go to iTunes, Spotify, the Radio whatever source of music you can get your hands on and blast it! Put on your favorite songs, throwbacks, classics, or new music and sing your little heart out till you feel motivated to do something! This is also a good way to relieve stress you've had over the past week!

Lizz's Top 10 Favorite Songs of the Moment!
1. Wop - J. Dash (Did I mention that doing the Wop is an excellent workout! Right Gabby! ;)
2. Crooked Smile - J. Cole
3. Get Lucky - Daft Punk, Pharrell  
4. C'est la Vie - B*Witched
5. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke
6. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
7. Diamonds (Remix) - Rihanna and Kanye
8. Just Give Me A Reason - Pink 
9. The Way - Ariana Grande, Mac Miller 
10. Work - Iggy Azalea 

2. Lay down and think about what you want to do. I know, sounds pretty obvious but think about what you want to do, when your going to do it, how it's going to make you feel and others around you. Are you going to help your Nana clean around the house? Are you finally going to finish that paint by number you have hiding in the back of your closet? 

3. Talk to a friend. Whether it's talking to my friends from home and especially my friends from school (because I miss them so much!!!) Whenever I talk to my friends I feel so happy! It inspires me to go forward and do something productive! 

4. Take a vacation! Plan a day getaway! Go to an outlet and shop around! Go to an amusement park! Or the beach for the day! Sometimes the best way to get out of a slump is to go somewhere other then your house! 

5. There's this awesome thing called the internet...actually your on it now! There's this other awesome website (other then this one elizzabethhope.com) and it's called Google and Pinterest! Look for cool Do It Yourself projects you can try or make a board with inspiration photos on what you want to do! 

So let your imaginations fly! 

Sorry for not blogging for a while. I think I just needed some time to think about the future. Also sorry for not continuing with Hello Summer! :( it was catching on like I hoped it would! Maybe when I get more viewers! 

But for now, I'm signing off.

Well that's just my life according to me!  

Lots of Love,

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  1. ahh I love this! I loved that you used what you were going through to help others get through it also!


  2. Nice, girl!

    Love from Amsterdam!


  3. Thanks for the motivation and playlist! I actually just posted a July playlist on my blog that I bet you would love. I hope you find something exciting to do today. :)



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