Summer Can't Come Any Faster...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello Everyone! Lizz here! Long time no talk I know!
      I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog! It's just been hard handling my blog, life, college, and everything else. On this dark and gloomy day I can only think about spring time if not summer time! Oh how I miss summer so much! Colored shorts, beaches, the sun, peach ice tea! Everything about summer I miss. I can't wait to get my summer clothes out and go shopping even more! haha! I'm trying to hunt down a Lilly Pulitzer dress! It's easier said then done!!! But Lilly's new Spring 2013 collection is coming out soon! Can't wait!
       I've also been thinking about summer goals. One big summer goal of mine is to run the lake near me without stopping! I think I failed to mention I'm not a runner at all! Soooo easily said then done! But I am determined to challenge myself this year! (!) I also want to get back into the habit to eating healthier! Not just for me but for my family. I want to be living a more healthy life. Especially because of college, being a freshman and all can get a little rough at times. Thankfully my dorm has 3 floors and no elevator (the good, the bad, and the ugly...) so I get my daily exercise from walking up and down the stairs and walking around campus. No Freshman15 for me!
      Another goal of mine, like every year, is to blog more! I really want to make my blog/YouTube have a bigger audience! PS- Does anyone know if I can have two blog URL names? I kind of want my blog url be my name but the blog's name itself be GirlMeetsFashion so it's easier to find. My blog isn't just about's about my life, beauty, and I want it to be a fun place where we can talk about that stuff! GirlMeetsFashion is so subjective but it will do for now! I will never be satisfied...will I! *dramatic sigh!*
       Well this is my goodbye for right now! I'll write to you later dolls!!!!

Like my nails I did for Valentine's Day!!! They were my date! :P

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  1. I love the name Girl Meets Fashion! I kind of wish that I had chosen it for my blog's name. I'm so happy that you are going to keep blogging!



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