The Plan + Pick What New Color Hair I Should Get!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey Dolls!
      Long time no talk I know!!! So bad! But I'm back! I've come up with a plan that I will hopefully stick to for the remainder of the school year. Just categories to talk about and what not. I know I can't blog everyday but I want to try as much as I can! So bare with me lovelies!

Girl Talk - Girl Talk is going to be me talking about everything girly related! For example; makeup, hair, face products, nail polish! Anything like that! I will be having a lot of nail of the days as well! I paint my nails at least once a week here! I also want to review a ton of new products I've tried out!

Let's Talk Fashion - If you have just started following my blog LTF is all about trends that are going around in the fashion world! I've only done one post but it's a start!

Style My World - Here I'll be talking about traveling, well places I dream to travel to. I'll include pictures of the places, fashion from there! Maybe even include a few bloggers/celebrities from the places I want to travel to.

SJP - Don't be confused by SJP it's not Sarah Jessica Parker! This section is called Shoes, Jewelry, Purses! Pretty self explanatory I think!

Look of the Day - LOTD will be my outfit of the day! I don't get to take pictures of my outfits alot when I'm here at college but my roommate does like to take pictures so I'm going to have her help me out!

The Look - This section will be of blogger and/or celebrities with outfits I love! I think I may change the name of this one but I'll have to wait and see! :)

With every post I will include bits and pieces of my life! You know I love to tell stories!
College is going so good! I've been keeping busy though! I've met so many awesome people here! Go CRC!!! Common Room Club! haha! Can you believe we became friends because we all studied in the common room on our floor and we all just clicked!! I think I may need to thank Taylor Swift for that one haha! Love it! They are great! haha!
OK, well I'm headed off to bed! I'm not promising that I'll have a post up everyday because odds on it I wont! But I'm going to blog as much as I can! So keep in touch! Follow me on tumblr and twitter and bloglovin and Pintrest bc I pin everyday; to know when I post! Links are at the top of the page!!
Love ya dolls!!!

PS!!! I want to dye my hair again! But have no clue what color to do it! I found 2 pictures of Olivia Palermo who'd hair I love! I think I might want to do this but you have to let me know! So PLEASE comment on what color hair I should try out!!! 1. Dark brown? Possibly even darker then the picture shown. or 2. Light brown again? But a little more lighter? 


Me with Dark hair! kind of a bad picture I'm sorry!   Me with light hair! Please note it was summer I'm      
                                                                                   pretty sure when I got this done so my skin is
                                                                                   significantly tanner!



  1. I like the lighter hair.

  2. I think lighter hair suits you so go with number 2!
    BTW, I love your game plan for blogging! Are you going to make some more youtube videos?

  3. I like it light :)

    xo Jennifer

  4. Love the new hair color! Check out our blog and shop our site!


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