Pixi2Woo Dark Smoky Green Arab Inspired Makeup Tutorial (Recreation!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey everyone! So I decided to recreate Tanya Burr aka Pixi2Woo on YouTube's makeup tutorial! It's a Dark Smokey Green Arab Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial! I really hope you dolls like it! Tell me what you think below in the comments!!! :D

Let's Talk Fashion : Oversized Sweaters & Scarves!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Who's excited for fall fashions?! *raises hand in excitement!* Me!! I'm so sick of this hot hot weather, wearing ugly gym shorts and a tank top because it's wayyyy too hot to wear anything else!! So since fall is "coming".... I'm excited to finally going back-to-school shopping. I'm especially excited to wear oversized sweaters and scarves again! I've been pinning like a crazy woman on Pinterest of just about every oversized sweater with scarf pictures I can find! (Ps- that's my new uhbsession, Pinterest! Follow me HERE!)

(All pictures I found on Pinterest. Link source is HERE!)

Every time (Well not every time) but most of the time when I see Lauren Conrad in this outfit she looks effortlessly amazing! This is an outfit I'm dying to try out for the fall season! There's nothing better than wearing comfortable clothes for the fall season! So oversized sweaters and shirts are a must have for your wardrobe! 


-------Tips For Wearing Oversized Sweaters!-------

1. Wear cropped pants to balance the bulkiness of the sweater!
2. Don't wear sweaters that are too bulky! Unless you want to look like Frosty The Snowman...
3. Try adding a collared shirt under your sweater for the "Preppy...Look at my I'm a college student" type of look! haha!

-------Tips For Finding The Right Scarfs!-------

1. If your scarf isn't knit than make sure it's wide so when you wrap it around your neck so it will look thicker.
2. Make sure that your scarf isn't thin and narrow! It's not going to wrap well or look like the look we are looking for. 
3. Infinity scarves work best for the look we are trying to achieve! 


Hope you got some awesome tips for this fall look!!! If you wear this don't forget to tweet me a pictures! @ElizzabethHope! If and when I get enough pictures I will do a future post of how people style it! 

Comment Question! What's your favorite fall trend?! I want to know! 

The Video To The Post :)

July Favorites 2012!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Picture Sources : Beats - Mac - Seventeen - Naked Palette 2 - Bubble Necklace - Shorts - iPhone - BCBG

       Hey Dolls!! Before I start can I PLEASE (Pretty Please!) ask you if you have a YouTube channel to go and subscribe to it!!! {{Click HERE for my channel!}} It would truly mean the world to me if you do!! I'm 5 away from 200 subscribers! Which is huge for me because I'm trying to get back the 1500+ subscribers I had before!
       So, here's my video for video of July Favorites! or in my case LOVES! I say so many times in this video I apologize now! I did add the Beats by Dre even though they aren't really Beats that I have! The one's I have are from Target...haha! Although Target does sell Beats!! But the one's I have aren't Beats...I wish they were..