Boy, do I LOVE Makeup!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hi Everyone! So I decided to film my makeup collection and put it up on YouTube! Alot of people do this! But I told myself I wouldn't upload it till I got to 10,000 subscribers...I also told myself I would never wear my hair curly when I was little...look at me now. Anyway, this was in no way, shape, or form of "bragging" about my makeup. I've worked so hard, told people as gifts to get me gift cards to Mac and Sephora and if I do say so myself I think I'm very good at spending my money. But that's only me, ok! The purpose of this video is to show my viewers how I organize my makeup and what I have to see if they see something they want me to review or do a tutorial on! Although I'm sure everyone will no one will think of it like that haha! Oh well...well I hope you enjoy the video!!!

xo, LH

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  1. So excited! I can't wait to see your makeup collection! It's going to be amazing.


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