OWS : Maxi Monday!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dorothy Perkins / Zara / H&M / Alice & Olivia

Ahhh...Spring is in almost over and summer is finally coming! You know how I can tell? It's 70 odd degrees out where I live. It's been so cold outside and I hate the cold! Yes, hate. I know it's a very strong word. While we had those couple of cold days outside I got to take my maxi dresses out to wear again! I forgot how much I love wearing maxi dresses! I bought like 5 last year, didn't wear them at all because no one was wearing them (peer pressure...), but now all I want to do is wear one out in public!!! hahah! Odd how things go like that...huh? I've been online window shopping (OWS) for a couple of weeks now and here a few of my favorites that I've found!

GMF Do's & Don'ts  for wearing maxi dresses!

DO wear cute sandals that are flat. I would wear jeweled one's with solid colored maxi's and solid colored sandals with printed maxi's.
DO wear cute jewelry! I would wear dangly earrings and rings.
DO wear light colors to take away from lumpy curves...because no one wants that haha!

DONT be afraid prints and bright color maxi's!
DONT wear heels with your maxi. I don't think wearing heels with maxi's is very chic. I guess it's a personal preference...
DONT over accessorize!!! If your going to wear a maxi keep it to 3 accessories! Like a necklace, bracelet, and studs!

Ray Ban & Zoya & 18th Birthday!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Hey Everyone! First off sorry for not updating as much! I'm been crazy busy with finishing up school (12 days in counting!), tennis matches, and trying to get everything ready for my T-Shirt brand! Lo Down Apparel! Check out the website here! www.lodownapparel.blogspot.com 
Yesterday (the 8th) was my 18th birthday!!! Can you believe it I'm 18 years old! It's so weird saying that!!! I didn't get much for my birthday, senior living is hard work I guess...so I asked for gift cards to Nordstrom so I could get the Ray Ban sunglasses!!! Miley Cyrus herself has the same pair! I don't know if they are in the same color but I do know she has round Ray Bans! I love them! Can you say summer sunglasses!!! Then I went to Ulta and got this Zoya nail polish to try out! Eva Chen beauty editor of Teen Vogue RAVES about these!!! I've been looking all over for them and finally found some! Can't wait to try it out!!!