Look of the Day : Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt

Sunday, March 25, 2012

-Johnny Cupcakes Limited Edition Hello Kitty T-Shirt
-Hollister Cardigan
-Hollister Jeans
-Ugg Boots (old)
-Forever 21 Earrings & Necklace
-Marc Jacobs watch
-Pandora bracelet
-H&M ring

Boy, Oh Boy! Have I been busy! First off I'd like to say sorry for not updating as much as I can right now! Not going to lie I've been kind of lazy with blogging and Youtube lately...I guess I've been living my "normal" life alot lately haha! I just started tennis so that's been taking over my life. Every day to be correct! Right after school to be even more correct! So I've been doing that and tumblring ALOT! I got a new URL for my tumblr! Check it out! I'm obsessed! http://if-this-aint-love-then-what-is.tumblr.com/  
I chose that name because it's one of my favorite Adele songs! If you go to my tumblr you can hear the song :) it's called He Won't Go. Adele is amazing...end of story :P 
Well I hope you like my outfit! I got this Johnny Cupcake shirt so long ago! I think last year! I love Hello Kitty so I just had to get it! haha! They sold out so fast! But I managed to get this one! 
One more thing! I need a name for my style! Well I'm trying to figure out a name for it haha! Like Glam version of a Hipster(or Indies) and Bohemian. So random but I realized I'm like...half hipster...lol! which makes me not even a hipster at all for saying that...let's call it Indies I like that word better! haha! Boho Glam Indies Glahie? Glimie? Boglaie?(what? haha) Glamie(which sounds like clamie...ew..no)? Glindies? Glipster? I need a word that sounds good! Help!!

Spring Trend : Jeweled Sandals!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ok, so it may just be me, but I am in love with jeweled sandals for this spring!!!! Not going to lie...it's legit jewelry for your feet! How cute! They are like the perfect accessory! for your feet! haha! Jeweled/Beaded sandals can make your look go from well in words, drab to fab! You can defiantly mix and match your fashion with these! Maybe pair them with a plain white tee and jean shorts for a shopping trip or even a sundress with big sunglasses going to a lunch with friends or family. I picked 4 of my favorite that I've been online window shopping looking at lately! Tell me what you think of them in the comments! Which one is your favorite!

1. Zigi Girl 'Marla' Sandals ($169.95) : Can't even explain how much I love these! I think they would go great with jean shorts, a tee, and a blazer! Don't forget a big hobo bag (I like THIS one from Michael Kors) and square sunglasses (Stella McCartney enough said...) and you have a look! 

2. REPORT 'Valdez' Sandals ($89.95) : Everyone need a good pair of colored sandals! You never know when your about to go somewhere and that one pair of shoes you wished you got but never bought and then your like..."You know what would look amazing with this outfit? The shoes I wished I got but never got..." I think we've all had those days...am I right?!

3. Sam Edelam Ross Beaded Sandals ($100) : Oh Sam Edelam! True fact if I could only survive in 3 different shoe brands for the rest of my life I'd choose Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and of course Sam Edelam! (Not to mention the designer designer shoe collection ;) this is my "budget fashion") Love leopard, love jewels and love gold! What more can I ask for in a pair of sandals! 

4. Miu Miu 'Starfish Crystal' Sandals ($695) : Splurge Time! Ouch! I just felt my bank account drop down to negative! But how could I resist!!! Miu Miu just...knows me! I love the color, the jewels, and style! Ugh...They are just amazing! Just like every other Miu Miu shoe! Am I right or am I right! ;) 

Well there are just a few of my favorites! Oh! and GMF Pick = Girl Meets Fashion (aka moi!) pick! Meaning my favorite one out of the group! Remember to tell me what one is your favorite!! Thanks for reading dolls!