Tutorial : Navy and Gold Smokey Eyes

Monday, December 31, 2012

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 12.08.22 PM
Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 12.09.20 PM

Hey Everyone! So here's a New Years look tutorial using Navy and Gold! I really love how this look came out!!! Hope you do too! Also below is a video of what I got for Christmas! So check them out! DONT FORGET to Subscribe to my channel as well! I'm going to be doing a lot more videos soon!

Happy New Year Dolls! 

LTF : Holiday Party Outfit Ideas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hey everyone!!! First off...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!! It goes by so fast I know! Feels like yesterday I was just finishing finals. Well a couple of days ago I filmed a Holiday Outfit Ideas video for YouTube and I wanted to explain the outfits!

For my first outfit I'm wearing a green blazer from Forever 21, black bejeweled shirt from Forever 21 and Hollister jeggings. For shoes I'm wearing black boots from Target. I took the traditional green color from Christmas in my blazer to bring this outfit from everyday to Christmas Day! This is my new favorite blazer! Because my blouse has a jeweled collar there is no need for a necklace. Just add a pair of earrings and some cute bracelets, your all set!

My second outfit is a formal family/work party outfit. I know I'll be wearing this for my family Christmas party! I bought this dress from H&M for $15! Love Christmas sales! Just saying! Make your Holiday bold with bold colors! Like this royal blue dress! I paired it with a black faux fur coat I bought from Target 2 years ago and black heels to from DSW that are the brand Connie. They are so old...I need a new (taller!) pair of black pumps...asap! Top it off with a Santa hat and your all ready to go!

For my last and final outfit I decided to try something casual. Not sticking to the "Christmas" "Holiday" colors I paired a pink Forever 21 sweater, a winter scarf from Forever 21, and Hollister super skinny jeans together. Simple and comfy for the busy holiday season. I added my monogramed necklace from an etsy shop and a J. Crew yellow bubble necklace to make this look not so casual. I'm also wearing my Ralph Lauren riding boots to dress this look up!

Well I hope this helps you get ideas for last minute Holiday outfits!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas/Holiday and I'll write you later!

SJP : Ralph Lauren Monogramed Hat

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DSC_0115 DSC_0117

Hey Everyone! Wow! First semester of college is officially over! I seriously can't believe how fast it went by! College has been great! There have been ups and downs just like every roller coaster of a ride school brings you. But overall the experience has been good. Now that I'm on vacation for a whole month I want to start back up my blog and try my best to blog once a day! I'm also going to be making YouTube videos like crazy as well because I miss it so much! I say this now and I know it will go down hill a little but I'm working on it! I really am! haha! With work, family and friends it's pretty had to balance everything. A girl can try right!

Here's a new purchase I recently received! It's a Ralph Lauren polo cap and it's monogramed on the back with my initials! I LOVE IT! I've been dying to get one of these for a while now! Whenever I feel like I'm having a bad hair day (which comes often thanks to my curly hair :/ ) I just but on my cap! Easy as that!

Well I hope everyone's holiday is wonderful! and let's hope the world doesn't end! (Even though I know it's not going to! I haven't bought my Chanel purse yet! ;) )

PS - Here's my newest video! Check it out!!!

SJP : Monogramed Necklace

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey everyone! Finally! My monogramed necklace has arrived! I've been dying to get one of these for about a year now and since I've been thinking about it for this long I said why not get it! The first person who introduced me to the monogramed necklace was SarahBelle93x on YouTube. I love her style so much! It's amazing you guys have to look her up. I guess you can say her signature piece is her monogramed necklace. She wears it all the time with her outfits and it always looks so classy. So I looked on Etsy.com and found a decently priced monogramed necklace HERE. I knew I was willing to pay at least $50 for mine and I found one for $35! I couldn't resist! (Shopaholic problems I know!....it doesn't help that I'm in college now and practically broke either..) 
I received the necklace today and bought it on the 11th of November. The website said it would take 10-12 days which they stood by. I got the 16 inch chain and my initials. I'm even thinking about getting one that says gMf for Girl Meets Fashion :) how cute would that be! I also want to get a name necklace that would say @elizzabethhope which is my twitter! Follow Me! 
Ok! Well I just wanted to make a quick blog post about this! Do you like monogramed necklaces?! Tell me in the comments below! Until Next Time!

ps - SJP = Shoes, Jewelry, Purses

Girl Talk : EOS Vs. Sugar

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Screen shot 2012-11-10 at 12.02.08 PM
                                                  {Pic}                                                                                       {Pic}

Hey Everyone! Today I have a Girl Talk post for you. If you don't know what that is it's when I talk about different subjects (mostly makeup...) and tell you what I feel about it. Remember it's totally 100% my own opinion! I'm not being sponsored by any companies unless stated in the post as well. I just want to give you the advice I've found from over the years! 
Well, it's starting to get very cold where I live so lip balm is a must! No one wants chapped lips now do we...This past week I've been experimenting with different lip balms and I've come to a conclusion! But before I tell you I want to battle the two I've chosen. 

"EOS Lip Balm"

-Like the cute packaging. Always a convocation starter when I take it out and the person I'm with has never heard about it.  
-Like the flavor of the mint! I also have Summer Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet! But I think the mint one is my favorite!
-Like that it's 95% organic and 100% natural so there's nothing that can potentially kill me in the long run! ;D 
-Like the price! $2.99 at Target! I'll take that!

-Dislike that it's not smoother on my lips.
-Dislike that it doesn't stay on as long as I want it too.

So basically I like it but I don't at the same time. I think EOS should put something that will make your lips smoother in it like the Sugar lips one. Overall I do like it and will use it but not as much as Sugar. 

"Sugar Lip Treatment"

-Like the packaging! Nothing special but I like that it can fit in my pocket which I like. 
-Like that every time I use it my lips are very smooth! 
-Like that it has SPF 15

-The price....$28 for a mini sample of lip balms is a very high price but it's so good!

Overall I LOVE this product and hate to say this but I would deff pay the $28 for it. I got a sample of it for my birthday gift and absolutely LOVE it! 

I surgest both of these products to anyone! I really do! I would say use Sugar in the morning and at night and EOS during the day! Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to comment what lip balms you like to use! 

The Plan + Pick What New Color Hair I Should Get!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey Dolls!
      Long time no talk I know!!! So bad! But I'm back! I've come up with a plan that I will hopefully stick to for the remainder of the school year. Just categories to talk about and what not. I know I can't blog everyday but I want to try as much as I can! So bare with me lovelies!

Girl Talk - Girl Talk is going to be me talking about everything girly related! For example; makeup, hair, face products, nail polish! Anything like that! I will be having a lot of nail of the days as well! I paint my nails at least once a week here! I also want to review a ton of new products I've tried out!

Let's Talk Fashion - If you have just started following my blog LTF is all about trends that are going around in the fashion world! I've only done one post but it's a start!

Style My World - Here I'll be talking about traveling, well places I dream to travel to. I'll include pictures of the places, fashion from there! Maybe even include a few bloggers/celebrities from the places I want to travel to.

SJP - Don't be confused by SJP it's not Sarah Jessica Parker! This section is called Shoes, Jewelry, Purses! Pretty self explanatory I think!

Look of the Day - LOTD will be my outfit of the day! I don't get to take pictures of my outfits alot when I'm here at college but my roommate does like to take pictures so I'm going to have her help me out!

The Look - This section will be of blogger and/or celebrities with outfits I love! I think I may change the name of this one but I'll have to wait and see! :)

With every post I will include bits and pieces of my life! You know I love to tell stories!
College is going so good! I've been keeping busy though! I've met so many awesome people here! Go CRC!!! Common Room Club! haha! Can you believe we became friends because we all studied in the common room on our floor and we all just clicked!! I think I may need to thank Taylor Swift for that one haha! Love it! They are great! haha!
OK, well I'm headed off to bed! I'm not promising that I'll have a post up everyday because odds on it I wont! But I'm going to blog as much as I can! So keep in touch! Follow me on tumblr and twitter and bloglovin and Pintrest bc I pin everyday; to know when I post! Links are at the top of the page!!
Love ya dolls!!!

PS!!! I want to dye my hair again! But have no clue what color to do it! I found 2 pictures of Olivia Palermo who'd hair I love! I think I might want to do this but you have to let me know! So PLEASE comment on what color hair I should try out!!! 1. Dark brown? Possibly even darker then the picture shown. or 2. Light brown again? But a little more lighter? 


Me with Dark hair! kind of a bad picture I'm sorry!   Me with light hair! Please note it was summer I'm      
                                                                                   pretty sure when I got this done so my skin is
                                                                                   significantly tanner!


I survived the first 3 weeks of college!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wow! It's been a while! I can't believe I survived the first 3 weeks of college! Words that can describe the first 3 weeks...crazy, exciting, nerve-racking, new traditions, all of the above. So many thoughts, feeling, and getting used to my new surroundings! I still don't think I have it all set yet! Every week I have to have my Mom come down to bring me things! I feel bad! But I keep forgetting things!! haha! This week I'm having her bring me sweatshirts and my camera!!! I miss my babies! haha! Although I am trading in my camera :O I know! I want to try out a Canon or get the Nikon D5100 instead of D3100!
Things I'm still getting used to in college....
-the food! I'm becoming a vegetarian here! I haven't ate meat this whole time! I'm dying for a nice steak or hamburger! Not going to lie...I don't totally trust the meat here! Call me crazy I know I am! haha!
-Waking up! One of my roommates wakes up the same time as me most of the time and one wakes up at like 10 everyday...I wake up at 7ish! So waking up and walking around with the squeaky door gets to be very hard sometimes!
-The sound! I live in one of the nosiest dorms of them all!!!!! Not lying, we call it the Zoo...! As we type right now there's someone down the hall blasting music and talking loudly! Although everything echos! Especially the doors slamming!!!   
Yeah...pretty much it for right now! Well here are some pictures from the past 3 weeks! Enjoy! 

Painted my nails for the first week! Told Seventeen Magazine about it and got 37 likes! So cool! Follow me on Instagram! My username is ElizzabethHope!

One of the 1st week outfits! 
Blazer - LC by Lauren Conrad
Black Shirt - Forever 21
Jeans - Hollister 
Shoes - Tory Burch
Necklace - Forever 21

I find myself straightening my hair alot now...2 reasons..it's quick to style in the morning and I can sleep in a little later if I want because I don't have to wash it everyday!

Fence at my school. It was really cloudy! Idk...I like it! :)

This happened on the same day as the last picture!

My makeup storage! Yes I dedicated the first drawer to makeup! 

Sketches for a class. I'm sketching alot these days as well!

The 2nd weekend on Sunday only my roommate and I went to New York for a trip with my school! So much fun but we got lost :/

New York buildings! I like the silhouette of the buildings but you can see the ones far away!   

New York Collage! Time Square, DASH, LOVE sign, and Madison Square Garden! Yes, We went to DASH! Finally! The Kardashian's store! Loved it! But I thought they designed the clothes for some reason? They don't...they take clothes like Alice and Olivia and others... 

Brandy Melville!!!!! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! I've been dying to get things from this store! The store itself is very small...well narrow...and there were a ton of people there! I think it's because it was memorial day or something like that...I forget to be completely honest..

My nails currently! Inspired from Pinterest

So I was going to do a New York haul but instead I am just going to wait...My roommate now knows I have a YouTube and a Blog so I'm hoping she'll help me take pictures for my blog while I'm here at college! Other then that everything's been great! I'm having alot of fun and learning alot! Oh and I got hypnotized last night...yeah...let's not talk about that right now... 

Liebster Award! and Updates!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank you so much to Katie for nominating me for this award!! 

For those of you who don’t know this explains the award...
".. The Liebster Blog Award is given upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome."

1. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
Then create 11 of your own questions for the people you will tag.
2. Choose 5 people to nominate the award and notify (via comment, message, etc).
3. Link the tagger and the nominees in your post.

Your favourite designer? Too many to count! But at the moment it's Erin Fetherston, Proenza Schouler, and Alexander Wang.
Who inspires you? Fashion wise? Bloggers! I love searching other people's blogs and seeing their style! 
What’s your wardrobe essential? Plain white t-shirt! They match with everything!
If you could have a free shopping spree in one shop what shop would you choose? One of the department stores like Nords or Saks or Bloomingdales! Hello Designer!
One wish? To be on E! Fashion Police!!! 
Why did you choose your blog name? One of my favorite TV shows as a kid was Boy Meets World so Girl Meets Fashion just fit for me! I had to! ahah!
What are your biggest goals in life? To be happy and fashionable ;D haha
Skirts or trousers? Skirts! Love them!
What city has the best fashion week in your opinion? Owww....Paris and New York! Can't choose! 
What is your favoritive trend? at the moment...sneaker wedges! idk why I love them but I'm dying for a pair right now!!!
How do you feel about being nominated for this award? Honored! haha! Thank you sososo much to Katie Marie Clarke aka Life of a city girl! 

My Questions!!!
Blogger who inspires you?
One thing you wore that you wish you never bought?
Boutiques, Department Stores, or Thrift Shops?
Why did you create your blog?
Whats the reason behind the name of your blog?
Who is your fashion icon?
Must have makeup products?
Must have fashion item?
Favorite Magazine?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?

I'm not going to tag anyone because I don't really have any time to :/ so I want everyone to choose 5 to all of them, questions and answer them! 

****Updates!!! So I've had this saved since the 20th...oh god...I've been so busy! I'm in college right now so it's harder to blog at the moment! I'll diffidently blog every once in a while so be sure to follow me on bloglovin and GFC(if they still have GFC!) First day of class so far so good! I have an art class soon at 2 in the afternoon! Very excited about that! Can't wait! It's going to be tough I think but so far so good...and of course I'm in the crazy dorm...story of my life...I'm not much of a partier either so these people are crazy loud...wish me luck! ttyl! xoxo

Pixi2Woo Dark Smoky Green Arab Inspired Makeup Tutorial (Recreation!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey everyone! So I decided to recreate Tanya Burr aka Pixi2Woo on YouTube's makeup tutorial! It's a Dark Smokey Green Arab Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial! I really hope you dolls like it! Tell me what you think below in the comments!!! :D

Let's Talk Fashion : Oversized Sweaters & Scarves!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Who's excited for fall fashions?! *raises hand in excitement!* Me!! I'm so sick of this hot hot weather, wearing ugly gym shorts and a tank top because it's wayyyy too hot to wear anything else!! So since fall is "coming".... I'm excited to finally going back-to-school shopping. I'm especially excited to wear oversized sweaters and scarves again! I've been pinning like a crazy woman on Pinterest of just about every oversized sweater with scarf pictures I can find! (Ps- that's my new uhbsession, Pinterest! Follow me HERE!)

(All pictures I found on Pinterest. Link source is HERE!)

Every time (Well not every time) but most of the time when I see Lauren Conrad in this outfit she looks effortlessly amazing! This is an outfit I'm dying to try out for the fall season! There's nothing better than wearing comfortable clothes for the fall season! So oversized sweaters and shirts are a must have for your wardrobe! 


-------Tips For Wearing Oversized Sweaters!-------

1. Wear cropped pants to balance the bulkiness of the sweater!
2. Don't wear sweaters that are too bulky! Unless you want to look like Frosty The Snowman...
3. Try adding a collared shirt under your sweater for the "Preppy...Look at my I'm a college student" type of look! haha!

-------Tips For Finding The Right Scarfs!-------

1. If your scarf isn't knit than make sure it's wide so when you wrap it around your neck so it will look thicker.
2. Make sure that your scarf isn't thin and narrow! It's not going to wrap well or look like the look we are looking for. 
3. Infinity scarves work best for the look we are trying to achieve! 


Hope you got some awesome tips for this fall look!!! If you wear this don't forget to tweet me a pictures! @ElizzabethHope! If and when I get enough pictures I will do a future post of how people style it! 

Comment Question! What's your favorite fall trend?! I want to know! 

The Video To The Post :)

July Favorites 2012!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Picture Sources : Beats - Mac - Seventeen - Naked Palette 2 - Bubble Necklace - Shorts - iPhone - BCBG

       Hey Dolls!! Before I start can I PLEASE (Pretty Please!) ask you if you have a YouTube channel to go and subscribe to it!!! {{Click HERE for my channel!}} It would truly mean the world to me if you do!! I'm 5 away from 200 subscribers! Which is huge for me because I'm trying to get back the 1500+ subscribers I had before!
       So, here's my video for video of July Favorites! or in my case LOVES! I say so many times in this video I apologize now! I did add the Beats by Dre even though they aren't really Beats that I have! The one's I have are from Target...haha! Although Target does sell Beats!! But the one's I have aren't Beats...I wish they were..


1 Outfit 3 Ways!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Main Outfit!
Top : Abercrombie & Fitch
Shorts : Old Navy
Belt : Old Navy

Everyday Arm Party!!
Ralph Lauren Silver Pearl Bracelet
Pandora Charm Bracelet
Alex & Ani Bracelets
Style & Co. Watch

1st Outfit
Top : White Sheer Forever 21
Necklace : Pearl & Diamond Heart both from boutiques
Sunglasses : Betsey Johnson
Shoes : Old Navy Flip Flops

2nd Outfit
Jacket : American Eagle
Necklace : J. Crew
Earrings : Icing
Sunglasses : From Disney haha!
Shoes : Sperry's!

3rd Outfit
Blazer : Forever 21
Necklace : Forever 21
Glasses : Claires
Earrings : Betsey Johnson
Ring : Local Boutique
Bracelets : Vintage & Idk haha!!
Shoes : Bongo

Hope You liked the video!!!

xo, Lizz

Pardon My French!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


{OUTFIT : Forever 21 Shirt & Skirt  |  Disney Sunglasses  |  Dollhouse Wedges  |  Forever 21 Bangle}

So I took these picture a few weeks ago and forgot to upload the video! Well, I'm doing it now! Better late then never right! :D I bought this shirt because of a vlogger/blogger named Garance Dore and her vlog called "Pardon My French!" She's a fashion vlogger who does random videos here and there, mostly around fashion week! The videos are awesome and filled with fashion! I'd deff check it out! HERE!
Hope you enjoy this look! If you do don't forget to follow my blog through Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin! Good day Dolls! 

xo, LH

The Video!!! :D