Day 19 : Ya...about that video...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey Dolls! So about that video I kind of promised today...I don't have it. I had work and I took the day off because I was for lack of better works wiped out! Oh and I have a ton of college apps that have to be done...I'm just about done for all of them! Just need to get all my school work papers in and a couple of little essays here and there to finish! So exciting!!! I can't wait to hear back form them! Hopefully everything will go great and I'll get into the schools I want! I did apply to Parsons! (Like I'm acturally going to get in...psh! But a girl can dream...right! Of course!) Lets just pray I get into that or LIM or FIT! New I come! ;D haha!

Blast from the Past picture!!! OMG! This picture is sooo old!! Well..not so so old but you know what I the blog post from my other blog aka my first blog then I switched over to this blog POST!