Day 12 : Dreaming of Paris...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Dolls! So I didn't have time to edit the rest of my video tonight so I'm going to have to get that to you later! But have no fear! I'm going to tell you about a little of mine that I've been having/wanting to happen lately!
There once was a girl named Elizabeth. She had a silly dream that one day she would make it to Paris, France. To finally see the Eiffel Tower in person! 

Then she would take a moped around town. Sightseeing! Seeing everything she could while she can. Oh and did I mention the moped was pink ;)

Then she went to Laduree for MacaroonsYum!! The shop was beautiful and so elegant. It was really something special. She gets a box filled with colorful Macaroons and takes them back to the Eiffel Tower where she sits on the grass

Then she went back to her hotel room and looked out the window the rest of the night. It was stunning and a dream she would always remember. 

Now Elizabeth can cross out Paris on her list of Places to go! 

To check out the pictures from my blog and experience Paris yourself {click here} 

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ps-sorry I'm not such a great story teller haha! 
Tell me what's one place you want to visit if you could!


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