Favorites of the Moment : Top Shop Picks!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey Dolls! So I was window shopping the web (when am I not!) and I came across TopShop.com . First off, LOVE this website! Love their clothes sooo much! When I went to New York I saw the store and instantly fell in love with it! I know it's popular in the UK (is it not?) I don't have one where I live but there is one in New York and it's amazing! The closest I'll ever be at the store is online so I decided to "screen" shop! These are a few of my picks from the store's new apparel and accessories! I was thinking Holiday parties! These items may not all go together but they are very cute! ( or in my eyes at least ;D )

1. Structured Sleeveless Skater Dress - $95 : When I saw this dress I instantly fell in love with it! I love the shape of it. Very Nice! It also comes in Yellow but personally I like the red a lot better :) I'd wear a big necklace like This One or This One! Something that is close to the collar to the dress. I'd also wear a studded earring and a pair of heels. Maybe even a pair of nude heels to change the cool around!

2. Ariya Skirt by Goldie**£45 : So this skirt...I've been looking for one like this FOREVER! It's only sold in the UK though :( so if I did get it I'd have to get it online through the UK system. Not a major problem no worries! Pair this skirt with a plain colored shirt, statement necklace, maybe a cardigan, tights (it is winter, well fall, time remember!), and some flats and your all set! 

3. Knitted Slouchy V Neck Jumper - $80 : ah....what a nice sweater! hahah! I looked at this sweater and instantly fell in love with it..again. It looks so warm and cozy! I would totally wear it everyday! :D Styling this slouchV neck jumper with some black tick leggings, combat boots or boots in general, a cute necklace and studded earring and call it a rap! 

4. Stockholm lace up wedges ankle boots - $140 : Do you know how long I've been trying to find ankle boots like these! Like a million years! I dreamt them. I saw them. I want them! I can totally picture them with #5 shirt and black skinny jeans! Hair down and big black hobo bag! Love it! 

5. Contrast Shirt - $72.00 : So, here's the shirts that I think would look great with the boots! It looks like something Alexa Chung would wear! Doesn't it!!  

6. Pave Ball Chain Earrings£7.50 : I've always wanted an earring with a chain and attach it to my cartilage :) end of story :P

Well I hope you like my TopShop Picks! Tell me what one is your favorite!


  1. Lizz your red dress is adorable... love at first sight ....
    follow each other?

  2. nice blog
    have a look if you want

  3. That dress is so pretty, and a classic style.

  4. mmm i adore that red dress! such a beautiful silhouette. <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  5. I love everything here, especially that red dress!

  6. the contrast blouse is beautiful, ive been on a lookout for one!


  7. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments! :D



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