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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hey Dolls!

So long time no talk...again. I know!!! Ugh! I hate not blogging! For right now I'm going to try to blog every Thursday or Friday!!! So Last time you may have come to my blog you may have seen the crappy banner I made! Ya...tots a disaster I know! But I got a wonderful amazingly talented girl named Emily to make me one which you see now!!!! Is that not amazing or what! I love it! Make sure you go check her out!!!
Here's her twitter ----> click here for twitter!
Here's her Blog! -----> click here for blog!

Thank you dolls for being absolutely amazing!!!! Make sure you follow my blog!! Please! Also I'm thinking of doing a "Runway Report" where I talk about new trends and walks on the runway! Kind of like the Zoe Report by Rachel Zoe! But I kind of want a new name for it :/ help think of one for me! Please! :D haha!

Ok! Well I have to go do a project, study vocab, and work on college stuff before bed!
Talk to you dolls soon!

Quote of the day! 
                         Fashion goes round in circles. 
                                              -Siobhan Fahey