Fall Outfit Wish List with ModCloth.com!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

           The leaves are leaving and so are my tank tops! It's Fall Everyone!!! Unless your in South America and it's summer time for you...lucky! The only part of fall/winter that I like is the sweaters and boots that I can wear! So, lately I've been stalking ModCloth.com. (Ok maybe stalking isn't the best for my obsession for this website!) I love EVERYTHING on this website! I don't think there one thing I don't like...For all who don't know! ModCloth is a vintage/indies online store. Aka Ah-Mazing! I was just looking around and putting outfits together when I came up with this one! So cute! the cape had this quite "story" to it about a mother and a daughter going out to lunch, the daughter is running late and the mother says something like "even though your late you look amazing!" I really want a cape like sweater for the fall/winter season! Definitely on my shopping wish list!
           I thought that the green boots and dark wash skinnies would look good with it as well! I'd wear super skinnies or leggings with this cape. NO to wide leg jeans! Big No-No in my fashion bible ;) Also this London Town Bag is so cute! I wanted a bag with print so this outfit wouldn't be to boring! Then added the big earrings as well. I pictured my hair down straight but wavy and when I do that I like to wear big earrings!
          Well I hope you enjoyed this look! Tell me if you think I should do more of these! :D

Links to all the pieces: www.ModCloth.com

Fly-Rise Jeans - $77.99
Ready Ornate Earrings - $14.99

FTC Disclaimer - I am not being sponsored by ModCloth.com in the making of this post! It's all for you my viewers and fashion lovers alike! :D  Enjoy!

Versace for H&M = Love!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

            Who doesn't like designer deals! From Karl Lagerfeld in 2004, Stella McCartney by Viktor & Rolf in 2005, Madonna in 2007, Roberto Cavalli & Kylie Minogue in 2008, Mathew Williamson & Jimmy Choo in 2009, and Lanvin in 2010 now comes Versace in 2011! When I saw that Versace was designing with H&M I just about died...just kidding! How could I die at a moment like this! Let me just say the word....Versace...ahhh...all better!! A moment in fashion when something isn't over $200 is a great moment for me. I picked out a few of my favorites from this new collection which debuts in stores November 19th in selected stores. (It better be in my mall! Just sayin! haha!) What else can I say...start making your wish list now and start saving up! We don't have much time! 
Check out the Vogue.UK article for more info and to see the rest of the collection! Click here!

Oh New York...We meet again! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Dolls!

So exciting news!!! I'm going to New York again!!! ah! I just LOVE New York!! I"m going to the Teen Vogue Fashion University! I get to meet some amazing in's into the fashion world! Like Alexander Wang, Whitney Port, Michael Kors, Amy Astley (editor and chief of Teen Vogue Magazine aka my dream job!) and much more! I'm super excited!!!! And I get to finally meet Carly! Aka Glamirl006 or http://xoxocarly.blogspot.com/ !!! So excited! OMG! :D I have to go and pack now!!!! SO much to do! So little time!!!

Well New York see you soon!!!

Mini Updates!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hey Dolls!

So long time no talk...again. I know!!! Ugh! I hate not blogging! For right now I'm going to try to blog every Thursday or Friday!!! So Last time you may have come to my blog you may have seen the crappy banner I made! Ya...tots a disaster I know! But I got a wonderful amazingly talented girl named Emily to make me one which you see now!!!! Is that not amazing or what! I love it! Make sure you go check her out!!!
Here's her twitter ----> click here for twitter!
Here's her Blog! -----> click here for blog!

Thank you dolls for being absolutely amazing!!!! Make sure you follow my blog!! Please! Also I'm thinking of doing a "Runway Report" where I talk about new trends and walks on the runway! Kind of like the Zoe Report by Rachel Zoe! But I kind of want a new name for it :/ help think of one for me! Please! :D haha!

Ok! Well I have to go do a project, study vocab, and work on college stuff before bed!
Talk to you dolls soon!

Quote of the day! 
                         Fashion goes round in circles. 
                                              -Siobhan Fahey