Century 21 Edgy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

 Staccato Top | Bullhead Black Pac Sun Denim Leggings | Aeropostal white belt | Hollister Flip Flops 
Forever 21 Effile Tower Necklace | "L" Juicy Couture necklace | Betsey Johnson Watch

Hello Dolls!

Welcome to my new blog! I had a day off today so I got to take some pictures of my outfit! I bought this shirt in New York at Century 21! Huge store! OMG! So big! I just found it randomly and was like...Yes! That is what I need! Something edgy for my girly wardrobe! I really wish that I could have gotten some boots for this outfit but I don't have any! Must put that on my list of things to get! Alot of people actually liked my outfit which I was very happy about! I didn't know how people were going to react to it at school! lol! But hey! I love dressing up for school! Unlike everyone else who wears sweats and yoga pants :| I swear! I do not belong to that school! That's why I need college! haha! I have to survive this year and hopefully everything is going to be fine! Well that's just about it! Comment and tell me what you think of my outfit! I feel like it looks way better in person then it does as pictures but what eves! That's what I get for having my mom that my pictures...haha! 

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